Fishing Reports

Tuesday 26th November 2019

Highly Fishable

Overcast start to the day here in Turangi today. This is making things a little cooler. No wind as of 9:00am.  The beauty of the cloud is that it usually keeps the wind away.  Once the sun comes out then we seem to get the wind.

There have been really good reports from the Tongariro River for the evening rise using the Sporting Caddis.  Some anglers are amazed at the number of fish they are seeing rise.  The funny thing is that over the years anglers may have struggled during the day seeing few fish and then upon entering the river to fish for the evening rise where they have caught nothing during the day the water boils with fish !

Good reports from Boat anglers now with lots of green beetles reported. Try green and gold cobras, green orbit harling flies, green lightening flash toby.

The latest Tasmanian Devil 40th Anniversary Limited Edition Lure has arrived in store. This is the Pavlova. We’ve sold a few already and one angler was catching fish on it yesterday.  Don’t forget when you purchase these you can go into the draw to win $2000.  The entry form is enclosed in the little plastic packet that the lure comes in. 

Jens has had a good run fishing the evening rise using the Sporting Caddis

(Below) Most anglers have been finding the 28 degree temperatures a “real dog” to fish in and these two anlgers helpers found it a bit to much yesterday as well ….. they got into the shop where we have air conditioning and they just “flopped”onto the ground !  Brings a new meaning to the word ” Hot Dog ! ”  ….. this is Archie and Newton


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