Fishing Reports

Thursday 26th November 2020


Overcast and calm start to the day here in Turangi today. The Tongariro is fishable and flowing at about 35.5 cumecs this morning.

We had a ton or rain yesterday and also some very heavy downpours overnight but the Tongariro River remains very fishable today.

The Tauranga-Taupo River looks to have come up to about 1.2m in level yesterday, back down to a fishable 0.6 level today.  Spring, a time of floods ….. unsettled weather, wind ….. you name it, it is possible.   The bonus of the flush in the TT is that it may push a few fish from higher up-river closer to the lake.  I would expect more and more spent fish to show up after this.   Ones that get blown back out into the Lake will start to look to feed pretty much straight away.  The boaties may pick up a few more spent fish harling over the next few weeks.  A few anglers still reported the odd fresh fish up there fly fishing the river earlier in the week. The bonus is these fish should start to feed heavily before Christmas and New Year and put on a bit of condition in time for the holiday makers to turn up.

A reminder that the Upper Reaches of fishable river in the Taupo District open on 1st December

If you haven’t done it yet, book yourself a raft fishing trip with one of the local rafting companies.  Get a group of mates together to have a bit of fun. Try either Tongariro River Rafting or Rafting New Zealand

(Below) When the upper reaches of the Tongariro River open ( Dec 1) , it is a good experience to get out and raft fish the upper reaches.



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