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Friday 26th November 2021

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Its another stunning spring day in Turangi today, the sun has been baking over the last couple of days which has seen the insect life on the river kick into another gear. Myself, Neil and Andrew headed out for the evening rise last night to do some filming and had a ball swinging wee wets with a few different rod set ups. I have attached the video in the link above so check it out, gives you a good taste of the action that has been happening over the past few days!

I have included a photo below of the top performers fly wise for us lately, with the mayfly patterns doing well early evening then when the caddis start really kicking off once the light starts dropping the small wee wets have come into their own and worked a treat. The action has continued till well after dark, and once the rise died off last night we changed over to the heavier swinging set ups and swung some big tube flies and streamers through the deeper parts of the river looking for a big brown which I hooked and lost on the last cast of the night unfortunately, that’s the way it goes sometimes though and it keeps us coming back for more!

The Christmas specials are continuing with the latest addition being the Airflo Sixth Sense lake lines on special for $99.99. These lines cast like a dream and with all the different sink rates available they are perfect for fishing the numerous stillwater fisheries we have in NZ so get in quick before they’re all gone! If you’re looking to have a crack at the evening rise and swinging wets but you’re not too sure about techniques etc. come into the shop for a chat and we can show you what we use and how we do it so you can get out there and experience the Tongariro at its best, we are certainly very privileged to have such an amazing fishery on our doorstep.


Airflo: Sixth Sense Sinking Lines

Left side top to bottom – Our favorite wee wets. Red tipped Governor, March Brown, and Twilight Beauty

Right side top to bottom – Our best evening dries of late. Dads Favorite, Elk Hair Caddis and Sporting Caddis (aka the Black Death!)

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