Fishing Reports

Friday 27th November 2020


Fine and sunny start to the day here in Turangi this morning ….. I know what a Vampire feels like at having never seen much of the sun for a while!!  It was a shock to the system to see a Blue patch of sky today !!! The wind has picked up a bit now that we have a fine day yet again. The Tongariro is fishable and flowing at 39.5 cumecs.

I had a young American angler who arrived in NZ before the lockdown call into the shop yesterday who wanted to know where to fish and what to do, so suggested nymphing in the Tongariro. Off he went and he came back a few hours later.  Said he hooked 4 in the first pool I sent him to and 3 in the second pool he went too. He was pretty chuffed. The bonus of the Tongariro is that it usually remains fishable for most of the year.  Quite a few other rivers have been high and up, but my experience over the years is to stick to the Tongariro.  It always has fish in it.  The Claret Nymph worked well, plus the C3 Copper Bead Pheasant Tail.

The Harling and Trolling is still being reported as really good out on Lake Taupo.  Most people I have spoken to have had no trouble catching fish at the moment.  Green seems to be a good colour and Large Yellow Parson’s Glory, Large Grey Ghosts for the harling.  For those of you trolling, try using a green or olive coloured Teaser behind your lures.

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