Fishing Reports

Sunday 28th July 2019

Highly Fishable
Mostly cloudy

She’s a cracking day here in Turangi this morning. Surprisingly….there wasn’t very many anglers on the river when I had a drive around this morning. I say surprisingly because according to all the reports we’re getting…the best fishing is in the early part of the day. There were some “rippers” caught yesterday.

What I’m (and the other lads in the shop) are finding a little bit interesting, is how effective the wet lining and swinging flies has been this season. I think most people fish Nymphs, but they might just be missing out on something here. Don’t get stuck in your ways. Be a versatile angler and keep changing your game. Life’s more fun that way….and you catch more fish.

Someone left a pair of Wading Boots at the Blue Pool car park a couple of days ago. These have been handed into the Police Station if you areĀ  or know the unlucky person the forgot them.

I’ll load the Fly Fest program below and don’t forget the tying demos.

I’m flying solo this morning until Kathy and Graham arrive.

Come in and get geared up.

Tight Lines,



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