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Tuesday 28th July 2020

Highly Fishable

Fine and sunny start to the day here in Turangi with a light frost but the cloud has rolled in at about 10:00am and it seems to be getting colder! No wind as of 10:00am.

The sunny weather has been much needed !!  I managed to get out for a fish yesterday. My first fish for about 4 weeks.  I have just been flat out in the shop and doing chores at home on my days off.  It was nice to get some good weather to get out and about.  I started out having a shocker … it was one of those days where you should really give up and go home, however I carried on and it ended up turning out really well.

The last four weeks got me to thinking ….. It is about time I shared some of my secrets to those who are interested to know, so I have come up with something along the lines of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ….. I am going to offer ” Two Golden Tickets ” where I am going to offer a full day of fishing to two anglers.  Only one angler per day. I will take you through:

Setting up your rod, Knots, Casting, Reading the water, Mending and Drifting your flies, and generally anything else we can squeeze into the day.

So if you are interested all you have to do is write me a blurb on the right reasons why I should take you out for the day and show you some of the things I know. Email me this blurb to and in the subject title put “Jared’s Golden Ticket” …. any other words appear in the subject title and it will be an automatic fail.

If you only want to catch LOTS of fish or only catch BIG fish … then you probably wont get a look in. We’ll have to head out on my days off and a time that suits you. You will need to have a Taupo Licence and your own waders and raincoat.

I will gather the blurbs over the next 4 weeks, mull them over, select two Golden Ticket Winners and then we will get down to arranging the time to head out.

(Above) The head of the Sand Pool on Monday.  I woke up and the day was foggy and freezing cold.  I was going to fish in town but there were cars parked where I wanted to go so I drove up the road to the upper river and drove out of the fog and into brilliant sunshine. The bonus was there were only two cars at the Blue Pool carpark.

(Below) The middle part of the Sand Pool.

(Below) The tail of the Sand Pool.  I really love the upper river.  I worked my way up to the Fence Pool.  I couldn’t believe it as I was up there for a few hours by myself !! This was the first fish I have been on in about 4 weeks.

(Below) I hooked this really nice fat hen which I released.

(Below) A video clip of fighting the fish from the picture above. Check out the Emerald Green water.

(Below) A video clip of releasing the hen from the picture above


(Above) I also landed this rainbow. Not a particularly fat fish but the spots and colours on its back were really cool …… see the picture below.


(Above & Below) This is the same fish. It is what I would call an “Egg Slurper” ….. it took a small glo bug.  If there are hens around squirting out eggs then there has to be a Jack around inhaling them.


(Above & Below) I landed this stunning jack as well.  There have been some great fish around so far this season.

(Below) I had enough further up the river and ended back at the Sand Pool.  There was a massive hatch going on as there were hundred of Fantails flying over the water darting around plucking insects out of the air.  They were teeny insects and I could only see them against the dark back ground at the Sand Pool and the sun would hit them so I could see them.

I also found a Mayfly on the surface of the water and changed my fly to what I think would be good and caught the next three fish on it.

(Below) I landed this nice solid jack.

(Below) Not long after catching the fish in the picture above I landed this jack below.

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