Fishing Reports

Friday 29th January 2021

Highly Fishable

Fine and sunny start here in Turangi this morning.  A nice cool crispness to the air after the cold snap of last night. No wind as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro is clear and fishable.

The Cicadas should be going nuts once it heats up ….. any volunteers who want to work for me during the day so I can actually go fishing during the day ?? Go on ….. don’t be shy ….

Lake Taupo reports still indicate a mixture of fish getting caught … some nice 6lbders reported but this Summer it appears to have been all over the show.  My suggestion would be to troll out to where you want to jig and troll back home again.

Flies for jigging have been either Yellow, White or Green.  This too has been all over the place.  One day white, one day yellow, one day green.  Last week red seemed to be a good flavour. Anglers have been reporting catching plenty one day, going back the next and “Nothing”.

My suggestion is “Big Bait, Big Fish ” especially for the trolling lures.  A big fish will quite often target a big bit of food.  For example – In the river a big brown will eat a baby rainbow that is about 6 inches/15cm in length.  I’m sure the big fellas in the Lake will find something like that tasty.

For those of you who are “CURIOUS” enough to try something different from the stock standard lures and who want to do a bit of experimentation to deviate from the  ” Black and Gold Toby / Black and Gold Toby / Black and Gold Toby / Black and Gold Toby / Black and Gold Toby / Black and Gold Toby / Black and Gold Toby / Black and Gold Toby / Black and Gold Toby / Black and Gold Toby  ” ooops I think I was stuttering there …. well you know what I mean …

How about trying the lures below.  You can harl / troll or even spin with these lures.  They should go great down deep on a downrigger and look !!!  There is even a black and gold coloured lure too for those who don’t want to deviate too much from their precious “Black and Gold Toby”  !!! The gold ones at the top should be a great pattern for the Cockabully.  They do require setting up on a hook.  The ones with the round lead balls ( jig heads ) can be used for casting or trolling or spinning and we also have hooks with the weight hidden in the body.

Savage Cannibal Trout Lure Gold

(Below) Some great looking colours in this pack.  The one on the left is a lumo one … great for ” Seducing ” fish in low light conditions or the dark 😉

Savage Pro 4Play Shad Soft Lure Kit

A selection of Savage Gear Soft Lures 



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