Fishing Reports

Saturday 28th February 2020

Highly Fishable
Mostly cloudy

Overcast start to the day here in Turangi today.  A little cooler as well which is a nice relief. No wind as of 9:30am.

The fishing has been pretty hot …. along with the weather.  Anglers are reporting lots of fish in the Tongariro River.

(Below) A little bit of delayed coverage from Thursday.  This picture is thanks to the Fish and Chip angler.  There are plenty of big browns in the river and now is the time to target them.

(Below) I headed out for a late evening / night fish on Thursday with my Swedish mate Kjell.  We started off nymphing before hand but things were a little on the quiet side.  I got two little Sardines like the one below which once again took a Prince Nymph. I did see Mayflies hatching but nothing rishing to them.  Later in the evening had plenty of Caddis crawling over me but nothing rising to them.

(Below) Once it got dark we changed over to the wetline.  Not long after starting Kjell hooked a big fish which jumped and then took out nearly all of his backing in one run !!  Unfortunately it must have wrapped around a rock and I had to free the line …. fish lost. Not long after he hooked this rainbow.

(Below) Just after we unhooked the rainbow above, Kjell started to walk off and I cast my line out … first cast and hooked this cracker brown trout !!

(Below) This is the same fish as above.  A big fish … what you can’t see is how wide it is across the head.

(Below) A while later I hooked this brown trout. The takes felt light and subtle like they were just having a nibble.

(Below) The same fish as above. It is quite easy to catch the browns at night.  They may lie still in the river during the day and do nothing as if they are almost asleep, however just after dark they start to feed on the baby trout that are in the river.

Later in the evening Kjell hooked this brown.  It took hima while to get it in but eventually we mangaged to get it to the bank. We both hooked and lost two more each.

(Below) This shot shows you the width of the browns.  They are usually very solid.  We released them all for others to have a crack at catching them.

Don’t be fooled by the size of the fish as the fight sometimes lets me down a bit compared to the size of the fish.  Smaller fish caught nymphing can usually put up a better fight. Sometimesthey are a bit like winding in a “wet sack”.

(Below) I also found this beetle on the ground.  It is a giant green beetle I think called a Mumu Chafer … or used to be called a Christmas Beetle.

(Below) Kjell and I went out for a nymph yesterday.  I hooked this small brown which had nice spots.  It was a nice looking fish.  This took a Prince Nymph. I decided to wet wade since it was about 28 degrees celcius.  I was also swarmed by a ton of sandflies which drove me mad. In one slap on my leg I think I would have delt to about 20 at once.

(Below) I landed this nice rainbow as well … one again it took a Prince Nymph.

(Below) I landed this nice silver rainbow too.  It took a Prince Nymph ….. I hooked and lost another two or three fish as well.  Kjell my Swedish mate enjoyed the day casting and he hooked and lost two rainbows.

(Below) While Kjell and I were out, we discovered some good patches of blackberries. The fishing took a back seat while we spent some time harvesting and consuming.



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