Fishing Reports

Wednesday 29th July 2020

Highly Fishable

Fine and sunny with some high cloud that may burn off later in the morning. A very lazy little Zephyr which is quite chilly blowing this morning. The Tongariro is clear and highly fishable.

Still quite a few anglers heading this way to fish at the moment.  We have the Brown Trout club, and a few other angling clubs turn up. It pays to have a few “Secret Spots” up your sleeves so that you don’t find yourself in congestion.

We had an angler in the shop the other day who said he had a ” Secret Spot “. One thing I learnt here when I first started working in Sporting Life was that your ” Secret Spot ” has most likely been fished by 20 people this week 😉

Mix up the fly choices if nymphing …. if the Glo Bugs don’t work …. try the naturals.

Don’t forget my Golden Ticket opportunity.  See below:

The last four weeks got me to thinking ….. It is about time I shared some of my secrets to those who are interested to know, so I have come up with something along the lines of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ….. I am going to offer ” Two Golden Tickets ” where I am going to offer a full day of fishing to two anglers.  Only one angler per day. I will take you through:

Setting up your rod, Knots, Casting, Reading the water, Mending and Drifting your flies, and generally anything else we can squeeze into the day.

So if you are interested all you have to do is write me a blurb on the right reasons why I should take you out for the day and show you some of the things I know. Email me this blurb to and in the subject title put “Jared’s Golden Ticket” …. any other words appear in the subject title and it will be an automatic fail.

If you only want to catch LOTS of fish or only catch BIG fish … then you probably wont get a look in. We’ll have to head out on my days off and a time that suits you. You will need to have a Taupo Licence and your own waders and raincoat.

I will gather the blurbs over the next 4 weeks, mull them over, select two Golden Ticket Winners and then we will get down to arranging the time to head out.

(Below) This is still a little bit of delayed coverage from my day off on Monday. For those of you who can’t get here …. this may be the next best thing. This is looking to the Whitikau Confluence.

(Below) Looking down off the bank to the tail of the Fence Pool.  I really love the colour of the water up here.

(Below) Looking downstream to the tail of the Fence Pool.  Way down in the distance is the Sand Pool.

(Below) Looking upstream to the head of the Fence Pool.

(Below) I got a little creative here …… this is a Glo Bug’s eye view of a trout I released the other day.  Things look a lot different under water.  Check out the surface of the water from below.  It is casting a reflection on the surface from the trout. All too often I hear anglers waffle about something …….. but really none of them have been underwater to check out their theories.

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