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Wednesday 29th August 2018


Overcast with light rain to start the day here in Turangi today. No wind as of 9:00am. The Tongariro is flowing at about 33 cumecs and is highly fishable. The forecast is indicating heavy rain to fall so watch the state of the rivers during the day. If we get the rain that is forecast then there could be a good chance that the rivers will flood overnight.

What a year it has been !!!! Australia in drought … and it has done nothing but rain here !!! If you Ozzys are heading this way to fish then please pack some of your sunshine in a suitcase !!!

I hope the Spring settles weatherwise, however I also know from years of living here that we can get some of the nastiest weather over the Spring.

I said to a couple of anglers yesterday about the three things you do when going fishing in Turangi.

The first is call into the bakery to get some PIES

The second is to call into Sporting Life to get some FLIES

The third is to head to the river and then tell some LIES

Most people in the shop over the last day or two seem to have had notrouble catching fish on the Tongariro. Some great reports from the Tauranga-Taupo River aswell.

Trollers appear to be using lures with a bit of red in them such as the Rastafarian lure.

This is a little bit of delayed coverage from Sunday thanks to Jason Bleibtreu of River Birches Lodge. Jason writes:


It is good to see that there are some nice fresh run rainbows in the Tongariro. The olive wooly bugger that you suggested was spot on to get this hen Sunday as the sun went down. It was in the lie that you put me on.



jason bleibtreu fresh run tongariro river rainbow 26082018.jpg

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