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Tuesday 29th September 2020


Overcast but with patches of blue sky here in Turangi today.  The wind is whistling through from the West bringing the odd passing shower.  The Tongariro river is flowing at 45 cumecs but still has some colour to it.

The river got a really good flush on Sunday rising to about 380 cumecs.  A good flood but still short of a really good 600 or 800 cumec one 😉

As I said the other day  ….. if anyone wants to know when we are due for some crap weather / flooding or locust plagues etc just contact me at the shop and let me know when my days off are!!! I was eagerly awaiting daylight savings to get out for a flick but my flicking is delayed once again due to bad weather !!

On Sunday I thought I would head off to the river to get some video footage.  I got in the car and checked the level and it said 190 cumecs … good I thought …. off I went,  got out of the car, took the videos and said in one that it was 190 cumecs but in my head was thinking ” this looks a bit more than that ” only to finish taking the videos, headed back to the car and sat in there thinking I should check the level and it was now 329 cumecs !!   In the space of about 15 minutes the graph shot up !!

Today however the river has dropped back to 40 cumecs and the river is very fishable although it is still got quite a bit of colour.  The fish will have had a bit of a shake up with this flush but in the next 3-5 days the fish that remain in the river should got nuts feeding on dislodged caddis and mayfly nymphs with the odd creeper nymph in amongst that.

I might wait a few days before I go fishing to allow most anglers to find those little stick snags that get jammed between the rocks……   the wetliners are usually the best at finding and clearing these 😉

Once the river settles there should be a few recovering fish that will be feeding hard out on the dislodged nymphs and we should also see some very fresh run fish with this as well, however I feel we are tapering off with the number of these.

(Below) Neil was out and about early before work this morning and went “over the hill ” to get this shot.  He said there were three anglers just below the S.H.1 road bridge having a fish this morning.

(Below) A little bit of delayed coverage from Sunday thanks to Jason Bleibtreu.  Jason writes:

Dear Sporting Life,

Plenty of good fish to be had in the rivers and in the lake . Two rainbows caught on Saturday. The hen seen at top was caught near the Hydro, the jack was caught on a white booby on Lake Taupo.

I am looking forward to getting back out on Monday.


Jason Bleibtreu

(Below) Peter Carty with a budding young angler Zander who caught this fish in the Tongariro yesterday all by himself.


(Below) This was the raging Tongariro river on Sunday and this was flowing at about 329 cumecs when I took these pictures. Imagine the flood of 2004 flowing at 1450 cumecs !! This flood is only a baby compared to that one. Look at the sticks and pumice floating down the river.

(Below) Looking upstream from the Major Jones Swing bridge.  I could hear the boulders underneath the bridge going ” tink…. tink ….. tink ” as they were slowly rolling down the river. There should be an abundance of caddis and mayfly nymphs dislodged from this flood ready for greedy fish ready to hoover them up.

 (Below) Looking downstream to the Breakfast Pool on Sunday.


(Below) Video of the 380 cumec flood from Sunday 27th September.  I said 190 but that was when I had checked the level at home about 10 minutes earlier.  This was more like 329 cumecs.



(Below) A video of a good pressure wave from the reef above the Major Jones swing bridge.


(Below)  Looking off the Major Jones Swing Bridge showing the speed of the water.


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