Fishing Reports

Friday 29th November 2019

Highly Fishable

Another fine and sunny start to the day here in Turangi today. A nice cool morning. No wind first up but this may increase later in the afternoon. All the rivers are clear and fishable.

I was coming into the back of the shop this morning and heard a cicada buzzing up in the tree. Quite a few other anlgers have heard them as well.

The dry fly fishing has really picked up with this warmer weather during the day.  Royal Wulff’s , Parachute Adams, Elk hair caddis have been the go.  Try a dropper under the dry but you might get them take 50/50. Don’t also forget to possibly try a green beetle.

If you find the dry fly fishing too taxing then have a go at nymphing.  This has been great as well.  The sunshine and heat has worked its Magic and brought the fishing on.  Certainly no complaints from anglers …. well only one really … “it’s too hot !” …. good Lord you can never satisfy everyone !!! I said to another angler yesterday ” don’t knock good weather !!!! “.  Try any nymph that looks like a green or white caddis or any nymph that resembles a Mayfly nymph.  A bit of flash may work.

Lake Taupo has been fishing well.  It seems to be a smelty year this year.  Lures have been pinks, silvers and whites.  Don’t also forget to try something green now that there are plenty of green beetles around.

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