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Tuesday 30th March 2021

Highly Fishable

It’s calm and moody in Turangi this morning, the rain showers through the night has put a small rise in the Tongariro which is sitting on about 28cumec. Could be some more rain the next day or two but the Easter weekend is looking fine. We will be open right across Easter and we look forward to seeing you here.

The Tongariro had a shroud of mist above her when I went for a look and there was only a light drizzle to help keep the morning air humid and sticky. After the warm sunny days of last week the lawns are responding to this rain and getting a lush green look to them. I really enjoy seeing how the land changes and dry grass turns green and the leaves on the trees go from green to yellow and rusty brown and begin to flutter to the ground….note to self, must get firewood soon 🙂

The odd report in from anglers has some of them doing well on the Lace Moth feeders while others still find it a challenge. It can be a tad frustrating showing the fish almost everything in the box but if the colour, size and drift isn’t to their liking it usually won’t happen. Even then I had a Brown Trout last Sunday that ate three different flys but still couldn’t get the hooks to set – did I say it was frustrating!! there are still fish through the river happy to take small nymphs or grab streamers on the swing so always be ready to change methods. Hare n Coppers and Pheasant Tails are still popular with Caddis and egg patterns close behind. Olive Woolly Buggers work well but if you want something with a little bit of bling to catch the fish’s eye then check out Tim’s Jimi H wet fly, this one has night time Brown Trout written all over it and will be a killer in coloured water for the fresh Rainbow Trout that will soon run the rivers.


A flask of something warm while out on the river or while boating on the lake is always welcome, my Yeti Rambler is always in the the pack on those cold Winter fishing days and gets plenty of use. Check them out in our shopping cart link below


Yeti Rambler 12 oz Bottle

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