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Thursday 30th April 2020

Highly Fishable

We are up and operating on current restrictions here at Sporting Life.

A heads up from the Boss

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The shop will be manned between 9:00am and 4:45pm for collection.  Courier orders may be delayed depending on availability of couriers.

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Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Tightlines from the Staff of Sporting Life ”

An overcast sort of a day here in Turangi today with some nice patches of blue sky and sunshine. No wind as of mid day.  The Tongariro River is clear and fishable. I went out for a flick yesterday after my work shift and spent a wonderful afternoon on the river. No wind and lots of sunshine.  The Autumn ( with no wind ) is a wonderful time to fish here.

I started off noticing plenty of Swallows dive bombing the water so thought a fairly good hatch must be going on.  Couldn’t see what they were taking.  Also the odd fish rose in front of and above me.  I was set up for nymphing so covered the area of the rises but nothing much was happening. I got a snag, lost my flies, retied and then not long after got another snag and decided to wade out to retrieve them. I pull up a stick that was litterally crawling with caddis nymphs …. the funny thing is I had on the exact same pattern and had only had one take up to this point.  2 casts later I landed a nice fat little hen on … you guessed it … the green caddis.  I then had another three fish which basically smoked me and came off .. not sure if I am too slow in my middle aged reactions to strike (  I better start learning to wetline properly 😉 )

I then had my flies drift below me and as they started swining had an almighty HIT and lost the lot. I re-tied and then had another go having one nibble then nothing and then as the light faded decided my big glo bug trick is worth the go and landed a large rainbow jack that took some getting in.  Seems to be plenty of fish around and it is worth fishing with a mixture of naturals and glo bugs.

I was really impressed over the Level 4 lockdown as I did not once in my walks / cycle down by the river see one angler fishing.  Well done Turangi !!  Since then quite a few anglers have been out and about which is good to see.

(Above) It was just a stunning late afternoon Autumn day here in Turangi yesterday.  This is looking upstream at the Judges Pool.

(Below) My imposter nymph looking pretty realistic next to the real thing. I recovered these caddis nymphs from a snag that I had got out of the river.  Before throwing a recovered snag away, have a good look at it to see what the insect life that is attached to it is …. make the snag your friend … turn a negative into a positive!

(Below) Two casts later after I took the picture above I hooked this rainbow. The idea of fly tying and fly fishing to me is to represent as close as possible the insect that a fish may be feeding on. The fly pattern does not have to exactly look like the nymph but in general stick to the SIZE, SHAPE and COLOUR aspects of it. Don’t get too ANAL in thinking your fly has to be exactly the same. Then there is the other idea of “why the hell did the fish take that fly … it looks like no known insect or anything”…. probably an example of that is the glo bug … is it then a case of it moves a certain way in the water, is it the colour ??

(Below) A chunky little hen that put up a great fight.  The same fish as above.

(Below) I love this picture. This was yesterday evening. The evening light reflecting the Autumn colours.  I enjoyed this more than the catching of the fish itself.  Right about now after the Level 4 lockdown there will be two sorts of people. After having 5 weeks off there will be the first sort who are pleased to be back at work, and then there will be the second sort who after having 5 weeks off and having the feeling they felt like they were FULLY RETIRED will now be back at work thinking … how the hell can I be fully retired ?? Turangi is a great place to live !!

(Above & Below) As the light faded I changed from the Naturals to the BIG glo bug.  Second cast and WHOOMFA!! This fish took a bit of trouble to land.  They are quite powerful at the moment.

(Below) The same fish as the picture above.

(Below) I released the fish in the picture above. Click on the video to see it swim away.


(Below) I tied up some more glo bugs this morning before my shift at work started.


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