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Friday 30th April 2021

Highly Fishable

Overcast and cool start to the day here in Turangi today.  No wind as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro is clear and fishable.

Reports over the last few days indicate a few anglers struggling to catch fish in the Tongariro, however those who possibly have a higher skill base should still be getting a few.  The low / clear conditions can catch a few anglers out but those who are adaptable in terms of set-up and location should still do really well. Still seems to be quite a few anglers using the wetline calling into the shop with olive / black / or orange beaded black woolly buggers that seem to be doing the trick.

(Below) Neil was out “Flats Fishing ” on Lake Taupo yesterday and said he hooked into a couple of nice browns. The one in the picture below being one of them.  The odd report filtering through of fish still smelting.

It pays to have a look at the mouths now that the Lake level is quite low, especially the ones with the deer drop-offs but don’t also go past the shallower ones too 😉


(Below) Here is a bit of nostalgia for some of you who pre-date the likes of Twitter, The Book of Face, Instagram, and even the WWW. For the youngsters, back in the “Old Days” we used to get things called catalogues. They were a a source of entertainment and drooling for many months. I used to flick through this thing time and time again and just drooled at what I would like to get !

(Below) Most anglers through the 80’s would have been familiar with these rods !

Old Kilwell Fly Rods

(Below) Here were the selection of reels back in those days….. most garages or cupboards around the country would still have a few of these gathering dust. A few may still be in operation waging war on the fish. Check out the prices !

Old Kilwell Fly Reels – The JW Youngs

(Below) The amazing thing about this picture is you could still use this picture today and there would be absolutely no difference. Why change what works well ?

Old Kilwell Tobys – Basically no change from the ones today – Why change something that is good and works !!

(Below) The back cover of the 1988 Kilwell Catalogue.



Redington Grande

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