Fishing Reports

Tuesday 30th June 2020

Highly Fishable

Overcast with yuck looking rain today ….. one can describe the day as ” a bit Grim “.   Appears to be a SW blowing ugly looking black clouds and sleety looking rain into town.  On my morning commute into work I heard thunder over by the Hydro Pool / Kaimanawa way.  The Tongariro is highly fishable and flowing at about 28 cumecs.

These are the days where you wake up with the thought of going fishing and go ” yeah ….. nah ! ”  A good day to be inside beside the fire possibly tying a few flies ready for the next time you can head out. I think the forecast for tomorrow is fine and sunny with frosts ….. I hope the forecasters get that right ……  Pete guided an angler from the States and he said ” those guys are just stealing pay cheques! ” pretty much meaning they never get it right. The other thing that gets me these days is the tech buffs who have their cell ph in front of them looking at the “Weather App” and tell me the App says it should be this or the App says it should be that ……  They never actually look up and out and see what actually is !!!

Too windy to be out on the Great Lake today …. just a reminder that today is the last day to fish Lake Rotoaira for the season ….. this will re-open 1 September.

Also a reminder that today is the last day to fish on your current Taupo Fishing Licence.  New season fishing licences for the Taupo Fishing District will be required from tomorrow.

You may purchase the Taupo Fishing Licence from the comfort of your own home / cell ph / tablet / desktop computer at the following address 

Don’t forget that you can purchase Family Season Licences ($149) , Senior Season Licences – over 65 ($90), and standard Season Licences ($99), Child Season Licences ($12.50).

(Below) Looking at Mt Pihanga at about 1:15pm today …… just under the fuzzy white cloud at the top was a good dusting of snow.  We are what I would call ” Officially into Winter “


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