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Thursday 30th July 2020

Highly Fishable

Foggy but fine start to the morning here in Turangi this morning. The fog has burnt off as of 9:30am and the sun is shining bright.  No wind as of 9:30am.  The Tongariro is clear and fishable.

We have still been pretty busy in the shop with plenty of anglers reported out on the river.  Quite a few clubs and groups look to be turning up this week.

A few entries have been rolling in for the Golden Tickets.

Don’t forget my Golden Ticket opportunity.  See below:

The last four weeks got me to thinking ….. It is about time I shared some of my secrets to those who are interested to know, so I have come up with something along the lines of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ….. I am going to offer ” Two Golden Tickets ” where I am going to offer a full day of fishing to two anglers.  Only one angler per day. I will take you through:

Setting up your rod, Knots, Casting, Reading the water, Mending and Drifting your flies, and generally anything else we can squeeze into the day.

So if you are interested all you have to do is write me a blurb on the right reasons why I should take you out for the day and show you some of the things I know. Email me this blurb to and in the subject title put “Jared’s Golden Ticket” …. any other words appear in the subject title and it will be an automatic fail.

If you only want to catch LOTS of fish or only catch BIG fish … then you probably wont get a look in. We’ll have to head out on my days off and a time that suits you. You will need to have a Taupo Licence and your own waders and raincoat.

I will gather the blurbs over the next 4 weeks, mull them over, select two Golden Ticket Winners and then we will get down to arranging the time to head out.

You may possibly get closer to the Golden Ticket if you can put in your blurb what the meanings and context of the following are as these may help in your future fishing endeavours.  If you have already submitted a blurb you may add this as an addendum to your original:

What is the “Secret Ingredient to the Secret Ingredient Soup”

What is the ultimate secret and meaning contained within the ” Dragon Scroll ”

On being out and about on Monday in the upper river, I ended up checking out the riverbank and picking up offcuts of nylon that was left on the bank.  If you see any of this, do something about it and spend a bit of time picking it up.  Look after your rivers that you fish.  There is nothing more disgusting than seeing rubbish … be it nylon, cigarette butts, coffee cups, beer bottles, drink cans etc.  We can’t blame this on anyone else like cyclists or the like can we ?  I don’t think they would have nylon?  Another angler I know regularly cleans up the Red Hut carpark when he is up there.  He takes a plastic bag with him and puts rubbish in there to bring back into town to put in a rubbish bin.

(Above) Looking downstream at the tail of the Sand Pool on Monday afternoon.

(Below) Some of the nylon I collected that was just lying on the river bank.  You find the odd bonus as well such as this fly …. if this is yours you can collect it off me here at the shop.

(Below) I was pulling a piece of nylon and this thing popped out from behind a rock …. it was most likely “Beaten to Death” on the back cast.

(Below) The videos below show how easy it is to collect and store the nylon you find.  All you need to do is head home and get a pair of scissors to snip off the nylon.



(Above) I kept two Jacks the other day for “Scientific & Culinary” purposes.  I wanted to see what the flesh quality would be like between the two. I have found sometimes there is a difference between keeping a nice silver hen and a darker jack.  Sometimes the hens look really nice and fresh and silver but when you fillet them the flesh is a very pale colour.  I have worked out that the hen may put most of the goodness and nutrients of its body into keeping the eggs alive and healthy.  The eggs are a priority for spawning to keep the species alive.  It also depends on how long the hens have been in the river for as well.  A super fresh hen should be good but when you get one that looks good and by the time you get back to the car and you have left a Hansel and Grettel trail of eggs along the path behind you and you find that the hen looks like a deflated balloon then this one may not be so good.

(Below) So these are the fillets from the two Jacks from the picture above.  The Darker Jack fillets are to the left and the Silver Jack fillets are to the right. The one to the right was a bit deeper orange but the one to the left was still pretty good.  The Jacks probably don’t lose their condition as quickly as the hens and it is possibly better to keep a darker Jack than a Silver looking hen which is about to lay her eggs.

(Below) Perception of what you see can help you catch fish 😉


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