Fishing Reports

Friday 30th July 2021

Highly Fishable

It was a warm sunny day in Turangi yesterday and a pleasant day to be out and about. It took a bit of time to warm up these old bones of mine tho and it was a late start before I hit the Tongariro. After finding most of the car parks full of vehicles I was wondering if there was any space left out there!! As always if you look around there is always an opportunity that presents itself, surprisingly it was right in the middle of the town pools and I had it to myself, no doubt there would have been someone in there earlier but I keep the mindset that there hadn’t been which helps keep your confidence up and you approach it with a clear outlook. After a few fly changes and adding some extra weight I had two hookups for one landed, of course the one that got away was huge but did look like a gleaming silver hen as she rolled in the afternoon light. The other was a darker Jack which saved the session. It did put up a worthy tussle in the 34cumec flow and he is back out there to go about his merry way. Not all of them get away and there has been some really fat well conditioned Rainbows that have made it to the net and it’s great to hear the excitement in the voices of chuffed anglers…..lots of the season to come yet.

Today is overcast and calm with a bit of a bite from the cool air. The flow has continued to slowly ebb away and is a shade under 32cumec. The water generally clear with a smidge colour in the deeper sections, perfect for whatever method you choose to search the Rainbows out with. There has been some Brown Trout featuring in the reports to hand, while they are more prevalent during the warmer months they can still be a welcome surprise at this time of the year.

The weekend is looking in good shape but may be a little on the cool side, if you are heading this way for some winter fishing action come on into Sporting Life Fishing Outfitters – Turangi and check out some of the exciting new changes that have been made to the layout, we will have something to help keep the chills away for sure. The shop is still up and running and although there is some changes in the crew our focus is still firmly on getting visitors and locals geared up with the best info and equipment to make your time here one to remember.


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