Fishing Reports

Thursday 30th August 2018


Overcast start to the day here in Turangi with the odd patch of blue first up. No rain as of 9:00am. No wind as of 9:00am. The Tongariro is flowing at 33 cumecs and is highly fishable.

It appears we may have dodged a bullet with the rain that was forecast yesterday. The river never really moved much in terms of volume. This should have moved some really nice fresh fish up-river. Most anglers through the shop yesterday reported catching some good fish.

Reports of a lot more cars up at the Tauranga-Taupo carpark yesterday with reports of some really nice fresh looking silver fish being caught.

Reports from boaties indicate thejigging isquite good also nice fish quite deep around 40m.

30082018 bridge pool anglers 1 turangi fly fishing.jpg

(Above) Two anglers fishing under the S.H.1 road bridge today at about 1:00pm. Not so busy on the river and in the shop today.

(Below) Looking downstream to the ” Lower Bridge Pool ” in the distance. Only two anglers here too.

30082018 bridge pool anglers 2 turangi fly fishing.jpg

(Below) Looking upstream from the S.H.1 road bridge. The Tongariro is looking nice and fishable today.

30082018 bridge pool anglers 3 turangi fly fishing.jpg

(Below) Check out the pollen on the bonnet of my car !! It is prolific at the moment. If you feel like you have the flu when you get to Turangi you will probably be effected by the pollen !!

30082018 bridge pool anglers 4 turangi fly fishing pollen.jpg

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