Fishing Reports

Saturday 31st July 2021

Highly Fishable

***lost – one McLeans net in the Tauranga Taupo***

***Found – one Scott 4pc fly rod tube from the upper river***

Contact the shop on 07 38769886 or if you may know about these items.

It’s Saturday arvo and almost time to head home for a breather because the shop has been almost as busy as the rivers over the last few days. The last couple of days have been cloudy but today was a much sunnier day and a few anglers have been in store who should have put some sunscreen on. The angler pressure has built up during the week but the fish numbers have been keeping the smiles coming…..for most at least. The Tongariro has been steady on 31cumec today and very fishable. In the these flows it seems the nymphing is popular judging by the amount of egg and nymph patterns that have been flying out the door. Woolly Buggers and Rabbit flys have been grabbed by the swingers and I see a few Intruder flys have been taken out for a swing also.

Over the last couple of days it’s taken a bit of searching to find a spot to have a fish but by scoping out a few areas I was able to get some water to have session or two. Friday the lower and mid pools were very busy so a bit of looking in the upper section gave up some water that I could drift some nymphs through. Having the time to go through a pool a couple of times can be a real bonus as it can take a fly change or two to find what the Trout want to take. Yesterday it was a #10 Hare n Copper bomb and a mix of the same in #14 and champagne egg patterns. In the slightly higher flow getting the right weight to get down to the fish can make a huge difference.

You may notice a different reporting style as we go forward as long time scribe and counter jockey Jared has taken some time away from the shop. I like many others have enjoyed his reports and I would like to say thanks to Jared for his help and writings.


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