Fishing Reports

Friday 31st August 2018


Fine and sunny start to the day here in Turangi today. No wind as of 8:30am. The Tongariro is highly fishable and flowing at 32 cumecs.

Don’t forget that Lake Rotoaira opens for fishing tomorrow being 1st September 2019. A Rotoaira fishing permit is required as an extra to the Taupo Licence. The Rotoaira Permits can be purchased at the Turangi I site ( Information Centre ). Take your Taupo Licence with you as the number from this is required to go on the Rotoaira Permit.

Early season flies to try in Lake Rotoaira are Hamill’s Killer, Olive Woolly Bugger, Red Setter, Orange Beaded Olive Woolly Bugger, Orange Beaded Black Woolly Bugger. For spinning / trolling try Black and Gold Toby, or Red and Black Lures or Orange and Green Cobras.

Lake Otamangakau and Lake Kuratau open 1st October 2019.

It was a bit quieter in the shop yesterday and didn’t appear to be to many anglers on the Tongariro River compared to the day before. Some great reports of nice fish being hooked by anglers now.

(Below) I went for a roam along the river at lunchtime today and only saw two anglers …. everyone must be on holiday or only waiting to come out when the fish come out 😉

31082018 tongariro river major jones pool fly fishing turangi.jpg

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