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Monday 31st August 2020

Highly Fishable

Fine and sunny start to the day here in Turangi. A light breeze to start the day.  This may increase during the day.  The Tongariro is clear and highly fishable flowing at about 27.5 cumecs.

I managed to get the weekend off.  On Saturday the weather wasn’t too great so I decided to stay indoors and I spent the day tying plenty of flies.  I have noticed that when it seems to be raining it generally isn’t windy but when the sun comes out then I find that it tends to get windy !!!

I headed out on the river yesterday to make the most of the sunny day however the wind basically blew all day long. I didn’t start till quite late in the day.  I wanted to try a few different things today.  I tried my wetline, skagit nymph fishing set up Czech style using my Single Hand Spey line ( basically wetlining with my floating line and a weighted woolly bugger ) .  I landed the really nice rainbow jack ( pictured below ) on it in probably knee deep water. It put up a great fight.

Don’t forget that Lake Rotoaira opens tomorrow – 1st September 2020  also remember that you need a Rotoaira Fishing Permit as well as a Taupo Fishing Licence to fish this lake.

Lake Otamangakau opens 1st October 2020

Just to note.  There will be a Recreational Release on the Tongariro on the following dates

Saturday 12th September from the Poutu Intake commencing at 9:00am for 6 hours, target flow 30 cubic meters per second

Sunday 13th September from Rangipo Dam commencing at 8:00am for 8 hours, target flow 30 cubic meters per second

(Below) The same fish as the picture above.  The day was nice and sunny but the wind just kept blasting through.  There was the odd times where the gusts tapered off and it wasn’t too bad.

(Below) I went out for a bit of an explore and a look around.  There were a few Mayflies hatching mid to late afternoon.  I saw about 6 fish come up and take them off the surface, so the fish are looking up. It might pay to keep your box of dry flies handy from now on.  As we progress through next month the hatches should get better and better.  The darker fish that are now recovering will be wanting to put on condition and the Mayflies are the first ” Cab off the Rank ” so to speak. These are easy tasty morsels for the trout to target.

This was a good sized hen that I landed yesterday.  I weighed this in the McLean Weighnet and it came to 5.5lbs


(Below) A few short video clips for you to enjoy.


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