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Kilwell UV Lure Paint

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Kilwell UV (Ultra Violet) lure paint is easy to use, NEVER needs recharging, and
to species that can see UV, is much brighter than any other paint!
UV colour light is invisible to the human eye, but research has proven that some fish,
if not all, can see UV light.

UV light will penetrate as far as 500m in water as long as conditions are right.
But anglers are now using UV colours to their advantage. So the addition of UV reflectors
on your lures makes them more visible to fish in murky water, on dull days or in deep water.

To view the finished result of your paint job, you will need to light up the lure with a UV torch to
see the amazing effect that most fish can see.

Make your lures irresistible to fish, its easy to paint your lures, spinners and jigs
with Kilwell UV lure paint, let it dry and go fishing to improve your catch!