⛄ Brrrr... It's cold! ⛄

⛄ Brrrr... It's cold! ⛄

Tongariro River Flow: 24.1m3/sec

Weather: Mostly Cloudy

FOUND: Rod & net found at Island Pool, if you think this is yours, give us a call or email with a description of rod and net.

LOST: Tackle box with assorted wooly bugger/streamers. 

All is calm on the big lake so if you are a keen boat angler with no plans for today, then get out there 😉 it looks like a stunner. 

The Tongariro river and its trails are now bustling with people, anglers, rafters, bike riders and walkers which is great to see. There is an adventure playground waiting for you to enjoy and with all this sunny weather there's no better time to come over and experience it for yourself or with friends/family. 

Morning discussions with customers have centered on the importance of having a variety of flies for nymphing/wetlining. Some are finding success with the use of small/natural nymphs/streamers after other anglers have already fished through the run/pool, while others fishing a sufficiently rested spot or in luck of finding fresh fish have been doing well using globug varieties or pink/orange beaded nymphs/streamers. 

The small/medium size nymphs which attributed to angler's success yesterday and today have largely been hare and copper varieties, but The Hoover Black - Category 3   has been a standout option paired with a heavier nymph (appropriate to the river scenario). Simon's Uglies or any of the tungsten beaded caddis nymphs have mostly been used as the heavier nymph, as there are plenty of caddis in the river in varying size/colour which are available instore and online.

Always Borderline - Banshee 

Gummers Carpet Caddis -Category 3

Always Borderline - Troll

Simon's Uglies - Manic Fly Collection