22nd of January 2023

22nd of January 2023

Weather: Cloudy

Tongariro River Flow: 24.4m3/sec

Shop friends, Jill & Paul proudly showed this photo of the young lad with a very well-conditioned brown trout which was recently caught and released back, fantastic stuff!

Tarn and I got out for a couple of hours after work and had a great time slamming Carty's Camo Cicadas on the water, predominantly working along the tree lined edges of the Tongariro. It's a very entertaining time to fish with a cicada pattern, giving the water a whack and soon seeing trout take it without hesitation, all while the real ones are *screaming* 🙉 and swarming through the trees in the background - it's great fun. 

Jigging on Lake Taupo is going well, and many have reported using a Ginger Mick in Red #6 which we have instore and online.