25th of January 2023

25th of January 2023

Good morning from the team at Sporting Life - Turangi

Tongariro River Flow: 25.3m3/sec

Weather: Cloudy/Rain

Claudio and I took to the small stream and had ourselves an exciting time using various large terrestrial flies - the larger the fly the better. Carty's Camo Cicada, RCH Rubber Legs, El Camino Black and PMX Royal  available instore and online were the flies we used and each worked a treat. 

Cicadas are here and if one can't hear them they'll certainly see and feel them as they seemingly spun out of control and crash landed on our faces yesterday. So if you're in town today make sure you make the most of the cicadas that are here. Tarn and I are instore today so come on in for a chat.  


The Sage Trout LL serves it's purpose in the summer when dries are on the menu! Aesthetically pairs well with the Trout fly reel and as one becomes the perfect combo for presentation and technical casting. 

Follow the links for more: 

Sage Trout Reel: https://www.sportinglife-turangi.co.nz/products/sage-trout-fly-reel?variant=41560368578755

Sage Trout LL Rod https://www.sportinglife-turangi.co.nz/products/sage-ll-light-line-rod-medium-action?variant=41560459018435