29th of January 2023

29th of January 2023

Rain, Rain and More Rain

Tongariro River Flow: 310.6m3/sec

Weather: Rain off and on

Please take caution when out there on the roads today as there's been a significant number of slips occurring along the roads of the Plateau, as well as flooding along the Waiotaka straight as you come into Turangi. 

There are folks in store at present who are attempting to make the most of their long weekend, selecting potential spots to fish safely. Lake edges have been the top choice either side of a stream/river mouth, along with spring fed streams and the wharf. 

Lake fishing via boat could be an option for some, the lake appeared to be calm this morning seeing half a dozen boats make their way out to the lake. 

We are pleased to say the cicadas are piercing the air with their electric buzz sound, as the temperature remains humid and warm! We are hopeful to get back out there with our cicada flies. It will be interesting to see how the Tongariro river looks after this, as it's only 100 odd cumec below last year's big flood, so stay tuned.