4th of September 2022

4th of September 2022

It's Father's Day!

Tongariro River Flow: 35.5m3/sec

Weather: 11°C ⛅ Mostly Cloudy

As you can see on the graph the Tongariro spiked up to 47 odd cumec overnight and has since dropped to 35.5 so this will hopefully this will bring in more freshies and good times all round! 

It sure was windy driving along the lake this morning! Need a bigger boat to deal with the chop I was seeing, and one might need a Sea-Legs tablet 😅 We are noticing more Toby's and Tassie Devils heading out the door as the boat anglers start up again. 

Gift Ideas for Dad (Belated 😏)

Fishing Packs 

Disc Golf

Fun for Dad or for the whole family! An addictive sport which has similar rules to golf. Some of us at Sporting Life are pretty keen on it! A great active-social activity.