6.30pm Tuesday 7th July 2022

6.30pm Tuesday 7th July 2022

After a day of overcast skies the rain forecast for this evening has started in earnest and become quite heavy. This has the Tongariro on a rise at the moment and pushing through 25cumec, depending on how much rain we receive this evening it could be all go for the next few days as more fish will start to head up from the lake. 

There has been good numbers of Trout to be found but a change of tactics had been needed in the lower river flow and clear water. If the waters colour up it will a great time to pull out the sinking lines and show them some streamers or work the edges with an egg pattern on the nymph gear. Tomorrow will reveal all and come what may I plan to give it a red hot go.

On these cold wet days one of the best bits of kit I keep in the pack is a Yeti 12oz Rambler not much beats a nice warm cuppa to keep you in the game. 

Some cool Guideline product has begun to arrive in store and we will be getting it out on the shelves and online as quickly as we can in time for the school holidays which start this weekend. A quick peek in the boxes looked interesting and I'm sure there will be plenty of gear to check out.

If there is something we can help with to get that bend in your fishing pole or tie up that special trout morsel give the Sporting Life crew a call or drop into the shop and check out all the good stuff.