Friday 10th November 2023

Friday 10th November 2023

After a very windy and blustery morning it has turned into a Friday with a light breeze and bright blue sky. The Tongariro is low and clear flowing at 26.8m3/sec. Neil has been out on the water the past couple of days making the most of the sunshine and prospecting with his usual dry fly dropper rig. Neil has had an early taste of summer dry fly fishing with plenty of fish taking a liking to his PMX dry fly pattern, be careful though as the hooks on these flies are rather sharp as Neil found out!! 😖

Jonas is a new face in the shop and will helping us out over the next month or so while Theresa is away on annual leave. He also had a great morning fishing dry dropper landing a bunch of fish on his hare and copper nymph. Jonas has done a great job of hiding his identity in his picture but if you want to put a face to the name you can find him instore with Neil over the next few Mondays and Tuesdays.  

Most of the customer reports have been great from both the river and lake. We have a number of anglers starting to pick up plenty of fish on the jig this morning while harling early mornings has also continued to produce well. 

It is great to see plenty of attendees entering town for the Women on the Fly event which we are proudly supporting. It is shaping up to be another stunning weekend and whether your intentions are to fish the river, or the lake be sure to lather on some sunblock and get amongst it!