Friday 13th May 2022

Friday 13th May 2022

Winter has been knocking on the door the last few days with some frosty mornings greeting the keen early risers. Some superb Rainbows have been the reward for boaters parked up at the delta and anglers haunting the stream mouths have reported some great tussles with strong fighting fish hitting the net. A mixture of Heave n Leave or white Booby flies have been the winners.

After the spot of rain earlier in the week Rainbow Trout have begun to appear in better numbers through the rivers and streams now. It's still early in the season but it looks good for what is still to come. We are blessed these days with various ways to get a response from the fish, the crew here at Sporting Life will gladly help in any way we can to get you out there and getting the best from your set ups. 

Chris came in to see us about his rig today and after a few pointers came back a couple of hours later beaming and keen to show off this lovely silver hen. Well done mate.

There might be some wet weather over the course of the weekend and it should trigger more fish to dash up the river. With the Tongariro hovering around 20cumec for a while a bit of extra flow will go a long way to freshen things up. The river rocks are still slippery and it pays to take your time moving about, a wading staff can make a huge difference making wading or crossings much safer. The Guideline folding wading staff is light and strong and can be purchased in store or via the online shop...... check them out here 

The end of May sees some of our outlying Trout waters begin to close for the Winter and we will see more angler pressure on our Taupo rivers, there is still plenty of room out there for everyone to enjoy but now is the time to study up on the Angler Etiquette. Nothing spoils a great day more than having terse words over what is really a very simple way of sharing it with local or visitors alike. Have a read here and get the most from your fishing experience.

I hit the Tongariro over the last few days and gave my Sage 4wt Trout Spey rig a lash, it will be a while yet til I can fully appreciate the nuance of the cast but it does feel good when it comes together. Beaded and unweighted Olive Woolly Buggers did the job. Nymphing with small naturals and egg patterns was a blast mid week and I had good feedback from hungry hard hitting Rainbows happy to take #14 Hare n Coppers and beaded Pheasant Tails. I can't wait till I can get back onto the Tongariro next week and get a bend in my rods again.