Friday 16th of March 2024

Friday 16th of March 2024

 Tongariro River Flow: 27.7m3/sec Weather: Sunny 🌞


A cool sunny morning for the Central Plateau seeing the rain from yesterday move on just in time for the weekend! Rosie, Tarn and I are in store today, so come on in for a chat about what's happening on the rivers and lake!

We have been busy organising the fly tying display just in time for winter fishing! The Bug Shop Glow Bugs Yarn is back on the wall for those preparing their lineup of globugs and heave n leaves. 

For those who prefer using Chew Balls we have 'em!

Next time you are in the shop you may notice labels on the wall which are there to point you in the right direction when puzzled about what to tie or what material to introduce to the inventory! There are many options on that wall, and for beginners it can be overwhelming so we hope the hints will simplify things. 

Rosie is back! Resuming her fishing rampage after a short break away - a big welcome back to Rosie 😎

The fish haven't been safe to say the least, with the York BTB nymph from Category 3 being the fly of choice on the rivers for Rosie, suspended beneath a dry. 

Category 3 - York Black Tungsten Bead

Jigging is going superbly!

You just have to be prepared to go deep as reports indicate that most of the well-conditioned fish are situated between 45m plus, feeding on smelt. Our Pat Swift flies have been restocked instore so grab a few before they all go again.