Friday 16th of December 2022

Friday 16th of December 2022


Tongariro River Flow: 49.5m3/sec

Weather: Rain/sunshine, VERY Humid.


With the rivers dropping and rising as the rain continues to fall, most of us in the shop have been spending time on the smaller lakes and of course Lake Taupo. Tarn had a brilliant day on Lake Kuratau hooking into plenty of scrappers taking dries despite the rain, the same has been occurring on the Tongariro river with some sporadic Mayfly hatches. Tarn noticed quite a few black flys on the water at Kuratau which the Trout were targeting so a change to a dark dry fly soon had the fish coming to hand. He was using one of our pontoon hire boats which open up heaps of water, light and manoeuvrable they can be a great option when the rivers are flooded, just $75 a day to hire.

The Tongariro River had a quick spike yesterday and has hovered around 50cumecs through today. With the smaller rivers blown out today the Big T was where anglers who wanted to give it a lash found swinging the most productive method. Although the water isn’t dirty but still having a touch of colour Orange beaded olive woolly buggers worked a treat. Mostly recovering Rainbows have been found but there is still the odd better conditioned Rainbow coming to the net. It’s not unusual to have Mayfly hatching even in slightly higher river flows so keeping an eye out for rising Trout is always worthwhile. Having a couple of Mayflys like the Cat3 Tricky Situation can prove irresistible to these actively feeding fish.

The wet weather looks to be with us for a bit yet but it was great to see some sunshine this afternoon. The humidity was a bit of a shock and no doubt will have the lawns needing some more attention. Tarn hasn’t been idle today and spent a few hours looking for fish cruising the edges in the southern end of Lake Taupo, the conditions looked fantastic. When the sun does come out a good pair of polarized sunglasses will help make spotting fish easier and protect our eyes, they are just as important to me as my rod, reel or line. We have a good range of quality glass lens sunnies from Tonic and the popular Shimano polycarbonate lens range. 

Boating reports have been sporadic but encouraging. The Tongariro Delta has been giving up some chrome with nice conditioned Rainbows coming home to be smoked. Trolling is still productive, processed fish have had green beetles inside and it hasn’t been to much of a surprise to see green hued lures being popular.

As aways we are open across the weekend to get you geared up.