Friday 16th of June 2023

Friday 16th of June 2023

Tongariro River Flow: 29.5m3/sec 

Weather: Cloudy ⛅

It's a cool overcast day in town with a slight breeze, so it would be ideal to have a few layers of clothing on due to the lack of sunshine 🧥🧤🧦🧣 We've had such a great run of frosty mornings followed by the bluebird days but it looks like things will change over the weekend seeing some patchy showers, so the waterways may receive a top up which could result in more fish in the system 🤞 we will keep on eye on the forecast and try to keep you all in the loop. 

The Tongariro is quiet on the angler front, so if you are seeking some solitude on the water then today is the day for it. Early morning eggs (globug variants) seem to get the fish if you're up and at em before the sparrow's fart, then during the day the naturals seem to do the trick to entice the extra fish if numbers is the game you want to play. 

The Always Borderline - Yellowstone has been doing particularly well for those who are nymphing (indicator and Euro) which we have instore and online. The stylish nymph offers various triggers to get the eat! the caddis green dub, CDC hackle providing movement and the hot pink flash. 

Always Borderline - Yellowstone – Sportinglife Turangi (

We have received a top up of HANÁK Competition hooks, tungsten beads, and tippet! We will get those processed and uploaded to our website.