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Friday 17th of June 2022

Posted by Theresa Beilby on
Friday 17th of June 2022

There's been some fantastic fishing going on for those who have managed to get time off work or slip away from the grind for a few hours and chuck a line😀 The Tauranga-Taupo appeared to be murky and fishable with very few cars  parked there this morning, in comparison to the number of cars at the main road bridge carpark of the Tongariro - which is looking excellent flowing at 36.8m3/sec       
A quick reminder before heading out to your favourite fishing spot is to be aware that the chosen area may have gone through changes since the flooding has affected depth or placed obstructions (logs & boulders) through pools/runs, so before you attempt to cross/wade through a section of water please check and have your wading staff handy - be prepared for the odd fly loss in the snags so keep a good stock of flies.
Neil has been using the 6.5mm UV Sweet Surprise of the Black Magic Soft Eggs range recently and smashing them on the indicator rig. They are available instore and online! Follow the link: 
We are receiving very few boat fishing reports of late although John tells us the fishing is good in between Bully Point and Motuoapa if you get out there in reasonable conditions where it's not blowing a gale. The fish are often in supreme size/condition and you'd catch your limit just in time for breakfast if you're an early bird!

Photos sent in from anglers who got out yesterday

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