Friday 19th April 2024

Friday 19th April 2024

Welcome to the weekend fellow anglers! The Tongariro is currently flowing at 27 cumecs and we have a good forecast of rain due on Saturday due to clear Sunday morning, so fingers crossed with the pressure change we should see even more fish arriving to spawn. 

For those of you fishing the river, there are fresh pods here and there throughout the river system, it's a case of hunting through fishy looking water until you find them. People have been having success both nymphing and wet-lining. The nymphs that have been working well for me include the Pink Gummers Carpet Caddis, the UV Hotspot Green Caddis, the Category 3 Pheasant Tail variants and as always the trusty Red Bead Hare & Copper.

We have had a fresh delivery of Pat Swift flies, including nymph bombs & Jig Rig sets for those of you boat anglers still out there enjoying the autumn lake fishing. Pat Swift flies are really some of the best patterns available and consistently work well in all conditions. We highly recommend!

I had a great few days on the water and yesterday I headed out again with my good mate Wally to find a nice pod of mixed quality fish, most being fresh. It was very welcome to play feisty leaping chrome rainbows as if in the depths of the winter season! Pink beaded green caddis flies were being inhaled! My Sage R8 was my weapon of choice & is my absolute favourite rod, with a fast action core and with a fighting butt to help play & bring in fish with ease. I feel more connected to my line and helps me continually improve my casting, she does plenty of work and always leaves me with a big smile on my face after leaving the water! We have seen many of you purchase these high quality, leading market rods recently as they are as good as we say they are with many reports of "Wow, just WOW!" from customers reporting back after their maidan voyage with the Sage R8. Our great selection of Winston rods have also been a hot hit amongst the anglers and we have some on special at the moment, making way for new exciting arrivals. Have a browse on our website to view our awesome rods & specials 

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Tight lines guys, see you out there!