Friday 1st of September 2023

Friday 1st of September 2023

Tongariro River Flow: 24.2m3/sec 

Weather: Sunny

Turangi began with a dense fog shrouding the township but soon lifted following sunrise.

As we near the official day of Spring and daylight savings towards the end of the month, we reflect on how interesting the winter fishing season has been. Many frosty mornings followed by a warm day for those fishing in the sunshine and that certainly was the case for Cam, Tony and I yesterday. 

Those visiting the shop from around the country have all made comments about the weather and to be succinct the lack of rain in Turangi, which has made the catching part of the fishing challenging, but with changes and varied approaches those willing to try will find success in such low/clear conditions.

There seems to be more activity on the big lake recently, trolling and fly fishing the Delta being popular choices, but it appears some are giving jigging a go for the first time as rod/reel combo sales have picked up again, and will no doubt be top sellers as we approach summer.

It was a lovely day to be on the Tongariro yesterday, a freshly baked steak and kidney picnic pie for lunch followed by a relaxing day of catching up and the odd fish to net as a bonus. We all used various nymph patterns, casting our flies around boulders, and other spots likely to hold fish. Cam caught some absolutely stunning fish, one of which was so fat around the tail it made the grip and grin a challenge 😅

Its opening day for a couple of CNI alpine lakes, meaning a few would have made the early morning pilgrimage and launched their vessels at dawn. If you're looking for a smart and simple way to hold multiple spools, rigs etc then the Guideline Gear bag is a superb option.