Friday 22nd September 2023

Friday 22nd September 2023

It's a dull cloudy day in in the town of Turangi. The expected rain is yet to arrive although it feels like it isn't too far away. The Tongariro is still low and clear flowing at 23.7m3/sec. It sounds like the current pressure drop has already kicked things off as our customers have been very pleased with the fishing today. Once again size 14 and Size 12 Hare & Copper or Pheasant Tail variations as well as caddis have been the ticket for those selecting to either nymph or fish dry dropper. Wet lining has also been very effective especially in the lower reaches of the Tongariro with olive woolly buggers. If struggling to get takes while swinging woolly buggers at this time of year it can pay to have a small soft hackle wee wet trailing 12 inches behind your woolly bugger as fish will be keyed into small hatching insects at this time of year. 

A late reminder to everyone that Lake O opened on the 1st of September. We have had a few customers screaming out for some of Tim's deadly red pheasant tail nymphs and the man has delivered! these delectable morsels are available in store but can be easily arranged to ship out to customers by reaching out via email or phone call. We also have a large range of Rio sinking lines to suit any situation you may come across up on the lake including the crowd favourite Rio Aqualux and Camolux intermediate sinking lines. 

If you're planning on hitting the Central Plateau this weekend, make sure you pack the wet weathers! Depending on how much rain we receive we could be in for a cracking end to the winter runs! School holidays start this weekend and we look forward to welcoming all the familiar and new faces to town over the next couple of weeks. Our opening hours will remain as usual.

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