Friday 3rd of February 2023

Friday 3rd of February 2023

Good morning from the team at Sporting Life Turangi

Tongariro River Flow: 52.2m3/sec

Weather: Mostly rain

The rain has returned! The Tongariro is steadily rising at present but the river remains slightly murky and is definitely fishable. It would be a good opportunity to swing streamers, and there's a few out there doing just that. The cicadas are still buzzing and flying into faces, I had one near take out an eye this morning 😂 

The photos taken from the Major Jones bridge shows the flow and colour to the river, and the two anglers fishing Major Jones and one in the Breakfast pool. We had good reports from those who were wetlining yesterday, some who fished deep pools found rainbows of good condition and size while others had a mixed bag of small browns and recovering rainbows.

This weeks line of choice would have to be the RIO Fathom Sinking Line in a sink 5. It has been serving us and customers well in these conditions on lake and river.

Available in store and online: 


Lake Taupo continues to produce good numbers for those who are putting in the effort to get out there, and really picking their spots when able to safely launch. Smelt and koura patterns continuing to work well for jigging, while Smashing Pumpkin Tassie Devils are doing the damage for those harling/trolling.

Jess, Neil and I are in store today so come on in for a chat about what is happening in the Central North Island and have a brainstorm on what options are available when it comes to all things fishing!