Friday 3rd of March 2023

Friday 3rd of March 2023

Weather: Partly Sunny 😎

Tongariro River Flow: 27.7m3/sec

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It's another pleasant day in Turangi and we are hearing varied reports from anglers on the Tongariro, some finding good numbers of fish while others are struggling. Those with high numbers have informed us that euro nymphing was their go-to technique, hooking fish from turbulent water. Spey fishing has been productive for those fishing deep water, often the large jacks which is nice to hear. 

Lake anglers have been enjoying the glassy conditions on the lake this morning, and it's great to hear improvements in the condition of fish, keeping anglers satisfied and the smokers going!

We have a great selection of euro rods and reels in store and online and one can be an advantageous tool if fish numbers are on your agenda, or you simply want to try something new to you. 

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