Friday 8th of December 2023

Friday 8th of December 2023

Tongariro River Flow: 25.6m3/sec Weather: Mostly Sunny 

The Central Plateau has certainly been the place to be this Summer as anglers from abroad have travelled near or far, to fish the waters in which we are fortunate to call our backyard.

Jigging, harling, trolling and fly fishing techniques have each been producing quality fish in good numbers - lake anglers have reported trout full of koura (freshwater lobster) which is a treasure to those harvesting! Our friend Rob came in, shared his report and showed us this fillet which came from a hen full of koura. 

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Rosie welcomed me back to Turangi with a bouquet of brown trout as we caught up over dinner, ice-cream and a night session on the water! We got out there quite late with little expectations other than a good time, and it only took a few casts before we hooked into a couple of brown trout. We both fished similar rigs casting streamers, Rosie used a special rusty-brown wooly bugger tied by our own Wally who frequents the shop for looong chats or a top up on fly tying materials 😅 He dropped in yesterday and was over the moon to see the brown caught.