Friday 9th of December 2022

Friday 9th of December 2022

Tongariro River Flow: 28.5m3/sec

Weather: overcast with rain showers

A moody atmosphere in Turangi today with the temperature drop and rain showers descending on the town. looking ahead, expect more rain over the weekend which will increase the river flow but not flood it, so get your spey or wetlining gear out as you may find a fresh run brown on the end of your line. 

Neil is back in the shop today after a few days spent in the Tauranga Harbour chasing kings and snapper. The experience hasn't sunk in yet, as he's rather quiet 😅 but I'm sure he will tell us all about it eventually. 

Jess (One Scoop) is busy getting the latest Manic Tackle arrival loaded into the system for it to be available this afternoon! The latest top up includes the favourites and must have items for summer ranging from Simms, Loon, and C & F Design

Simms Flyweight Neoprene Wet Wading Sock

Simms Neoprene Wading Sock

Freestone Sling Pack - Midnight


 Next up in our fly line discussion is the

RIO Elite Single Handed Spey (float)

A fantastic line for summer and winter, available instore/online and come in WF5 up to WF8. I use the WF6 full float option on a #6 rod all year as it roll-casts with ease as its designed to do and goes well when cast overhead.

It's my top choice for skating cicadas on a floating tip, and when a variety of sink tips are used (mostly an intermediate) I swing wee wets or small streamers. In winter I use a 10ft T8 tip to swing weighted buggers or rabbit streamers and when a change is desired, I simply remove the sink tip and add on an indicator nymphing rig. 

Available in the Elite, features the low stretch ConnectCore Plus and SlickCast technology meaning increased line durability and casting efficiency.