Friday 1st March 2024

Friday 1st March 2024

Summer has officially been and gone, but the first day of Autumn has greeted as with a beautiful clear sky and only a light breeze. The Tongariro is sitting at 25.0m3/sec and crystal clear.

The stream mouths entering Lake Taupo have been incredibly productive both during the day and at night. The most productive flies during the day have been small grey ghost patterns as well as olive woolly buggers, in the evening lumo doll flies and large black streamers have been fooling both rainbow and brown trout. 


The boat fishing has continued to fire with Jigging being the most effective method around the 35–45 meter mark. The fish have really started to gain some great condition which has been making for both great sport and table fare. Small smelt flies seem to be the most effective with koura imitations claiming some of the better fish. 

We may not have had the great cicada summer we were hoping for but there has been a large variety of Mayfly and of course Lace wing moth around the local rivers at the moment which the fish have happily been taking of the surface when paired with the correct presentation. 

When fishing small dries to the fussy fish we have at present not only is it important to fish long leaders and light tippet but having the correct fly line can make a massive difference. The Rio Technical Trout taper is ideal for accurate and gentle presentations and its long rear taper allows for easy mending and controlled casting with ensures you get the best drift possible.