Monday 12th Febuary 2024

Monday 12th Febuary 2024

It has been a stunning but uncharacteristically cold day in Turangi for the middle of February. Yesterday's breeze has dropped away and there isn't a cloud in the sky. The day has warmed into the late teens this afternoon but was a brisk 7 degrees Celsius this morning. The Tongariro is flowing crystal clear and sitting at 27.8m3/sec. 

The Brown trout have well and truly turned up in full force on the Tongariro and some of the other Lake Taupo tributaries. These fish are notoriously fussy often seeming to priorities day times naps over eating, as frustrating as this can be if you put in the time, focus on changing fly weights and making sure your presentation is on point these fish can be a very satisfying reward.

The stream mouth fishing has continued to provide entertainment for many, both during the day and in the evenings. Jigging has also been red hot this season and the reports we have had throughout the week have suggested that the bulk of the fish have been found in the 40-50 meter mark. 

 Due to popular request, we have a new exciting range of Rio saltwater flies. Kingfish, Kahawai, Snapper, Tuna and just about anything that feeds on baitfish are going to love these patterns. Some of our team have already proven these flies effective on some flats kingfish. We are excited to see what they produce for everyone else. Check out our range of Rio Saltwater Flies HERE.......