Monday 13th June 2022

Monday 13th June 2022

After a rough night of rain and wind the Tongariro blew out to 336cumec which saw her looking angry this morning. There were more showers and cold gusty winds through the day, a few flashes of lightning and clashes of thunder late this afternoon had us wide eyed and jumpy for a bit. Compered to other areas around the country we have made it through without too much drama.

All the streams have had another good flush which should see some good fishing when it settles down again. The Tongariro flow has trended down through the day and is currently sitting on 134cumec so depending on rainfall through the night it could be fishable tomorrow, time will tell?? 

Will report back on Tuesday.....


Hopefully it continues to drop tonight!

Looking downstream from the main road this morning.

Even the track below the carpark was running a banker.