Monday 14th November 2022

Monday 14th November 2022

The weather over the last couple weeks has been very changeable here in Turangi, with rain one minute and bright blue skies the next. It looks like we are due for more of the same up until the weather breaks early next week. The Tongariro has stayed steady over the weekend, currently flowing at 25.3 m3/sec. 

We have added to our ever-growing range of Guideline rods introducing the LPX Predator range. These rods are geared toward chucking big flies at big fish, Perfect for turning over your heavy winter rigs and chucking big streamers for our large brown trout that are already starting to appear in the Tongariro. They are incredibly light in the hand and utilize componentry and resins you would expect in a flag ship fly rod, top that off with a bit of gold bling to help you stand out from the crowd and you've got yourself one heck of a buggy whip! Come in store and give one a waggle or check them out online HERE.

If you noticed a spike in the Tongariro river flow yesterday it was more than likely due to the number of tears shed as we said our final goodbyes to Connor. He has officially hopped town and is enroute to his native Gisbourne, however in typical Connor fashion he wasn't leaving empty handed and made sure to give one last Tongariro brown a reminder that no fish is safe when he is on the water. You will be missed here at Sporting life Connor, but we can't wait to spend some time with you on the water this summer!

Tim and I have been holding the fort in store today, with Tim pumping out some tasty looking smelt flies that will be perfect for jigging as well as some lumo flies for stream mouth fishing. Both of these styles of fishing are going to be picking up very soon so make sure you get some in your box before they get cleaned out.

Tarn ><>.