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Monday 16th of May 2022

Posted by Theresa Beilby on
Monday 16th of May 2022

🌧🌧 Rain as Day! 🌧🌧


 Finally, some rain for the Central Plateau! Steadily increasing river levels including the Tongariro which is currently flowing at 23.3m3/sec and has a nice green/blue colouration - which is just what we want. So come on over and get out for a fish... those of us working shall vicariously fish through you! 😅🎣
Graeme put on his rain jacket and had a day on the Tongariro yesterday landing himself some well conditioned fish on the spey gear! Orange beaded wooly buggers are getting it done on the river and even more so with the fresh coming through at present. If fishing with indicator or Euro nymphing is your cup of tea we have all the gear to help you cover the bases whatever your chosen technique - it surely will be a good week to hit some chrome rainbows! 
Connor has the day off but popped into the shop donning a pair of Magnum waders to keep warm as he is bound to fish the rips today! So tune in for tomorrows report.
The banks of the Tongariro looking very autumnal as the willows shed their final leaves before Winter truly sets in. 


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