Monday 18th September 2023

Monday 18th September 2023

Monday has dawned clear with a fair old breeze pushing through town. Last night was a wild ride for a while and there is plenty of evidence with branches blown out off the trees. It should ease back a tad through the day but there is still wind in the forecast for the coming week. I didn't notice many anglers on the Tongariro this morning but those I did see were getting into a fish or two.

As it stands the forecast suggest we aren't in for much rain and the Tongariro currently remains low and clear flowing at 24.3 m3/sec. The low water presents some great sight fishing opportunity which some people are taking full advantage of with either a small indicator and a single lightly weighted nymph or a dry fly with a small nymph suspended underneath. As expected at this time of year there is a mixture of dark and silver fish in the river, but both provide great sport. 

We have had reports of the odd fish rising to mayflies from those fishing later into the evening although not in mass quantities it is encouraging to see so early in the year, and we are sure as the days get longer and warmer that we will see more of this activity, and it will be well worth staying out later for some dry fly action.


Euro nymphing has been incredibly productive over the last few weeks and we have a selection of euro rods suited to the Taupo fishery and abroad. Check them out online or next time you're instore if you are looking to add a new technique to your bag of tricks.

While Bonefish are high on the list of tropical targets it's the wily Triggerfish that can be the most challenging. Casts need to be placed almost as gentle as if dropping a dryfly to a laid up Brown Trout. The RIO Elite Bonefish floating line is perfect for the Bones but had no trouble placing the slightly heavier shrimp patterns that the Triggers find hard to resist. Finding the fish is easy and this line makes the next step even easier.

We have a seven and nine weight available, check them out here....