Monday 30th January 2023

Monday 30th January 2023

The heavy rain has subsided for the time being, but the Tongariro river has been fluctuating in flow this morning currently sitting at 80m3/sec as I write this. I don't think we'll be seeing too much dry fly fishing in the next few days however the cicadas are still singing so fingers crossed that once the river drops, we can continue with the awesome cicada action that we previously had. Although the river is well above usual flow it is during these conditions when you are likely to pull out a nice brown trout, swinging a black rabbit or woolly bugger would be your best option for enticing these beasts. 


If the high flow is putting you off fishing the rivers there is still no shortage of other option around the central plateau. Fishing around the inflows and stream mouths that enter our nearby lakes can often be very productive in these conditions as the high murky water pumps an abundance of food down into the lakes where often very wary trout will throw caution to the wind and grab just about anything you put in front of them. Retrieving large black rabbits or woolly buggers is very effective during these times however if you are fishing somewhere with a decent amount of flow drifting large nymphs or worm patterns under an indicator can produce great results. 

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Neil and I are manning the shop today and the reports from the small lakes have been very promising. The shop will be closing at 3pm this afternoon and we might even pop out and see if we can find a brown trout or two.