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Monday 6th of June 2022

Posted by Theresa Beilby on
Monday 6th of June 2022
The rain which was forecast has arrived and has given the Tongariro a little top up which is super for the fishing. Yesterday saw many anglers throughout the commonly known pools but there was plenty of room to be found in the areas no clear-cut track leads to - so don't be deterred by the crowds, and don't shy away from experimenting and changing things up to suit the water in front of you 😀
I caught up with Sam and Alan yesterday who fished the Tongariro over the weekend, having a great time fishing and creating new memories. They caught some stunning chrome which put up a good fight even in the net, and the odd brown too. Alan pictured above caught his PB brown kindly netted by our Neil who was fishing with them. The fresh fish we caught yesterday were picked out of the fast water at the head of pools or runs using natural flies. 
We have heard reports of the fishing being tough for some, so please don't hesitate to come in store for our advice on offer. One or two of the team members are out fishing daily, so we have up-to-date information in regards to the rivers, mouths and at times the lake (John should be out on the boat again soon 😎) 
Tim swung into some well conditioned fish! 
There's some beauties around today! Tim went out for a morning spey session and cracked a few fat rainbows. Tim's been using the Guideline Halo reel for this set up and loving it, it has a large arbor which is perfect for bringing the fish in at pace! 

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